Friday, December 28, 2007


Dear Friends,

( If you have read my previous posting "Evolution of Man to Superman", then you can follow this article, else you may find it difficult to follow.)

(1) In my previous posting I wrote about T&S coordinates. This coordinate will fix your physical position on planet Earth at a particular time. I also wrote about a 'future' T&S position into which you can 'evolve'. Ordinarily, until the time arrives in the future, you can't be present in the proposed physical position. Suppose to day you say " I want to be in London on 31/12/2027 at 4 P.M", it is only a proposal for the future which can't be materialised today. Let us move on to take a look at this problem from another angle. As I told you in my previous posting, each paragraph will enumerate different ideas and everything will converge towards the end

(2) In yoga, 'Space' means a 'material extension' (infinite) and we presume that there is no space in the universe without 'matter' (either in the form of atoms, sub-atomic particles or any fundamental entities which compose matter( 'anu' {a Sanskrit term}). Also, we assume that matter and energy are interchangeable. That is, M may exist in the form of E also. We may say that space contains both E & M parameters.

(3) Likewise, what do we mean by 'Time' in yoga? Time is the third parameter of space. After the creation of this material universe(Big-Bang?) and further down the line in evolution, this time parameter is involved in the evolving material forms. T is involved in the field of E&M. Also, we should remember that T can exist only in a relational world! If there is no 'subject - object' setup or an 'observer and the observed' set up, Time is not activated in Space. Also, until Consciousness emerges in the field of Space, in the forms of E&M, Time is unmanifest. "Time is the essence of Consciousness".
(4) Thus we see that, through an evolutionary process, as the consciousness evolves and manifests in T&S, it creates its own forms suitable for its interaction in this world. Or, we may say, that there is a double evolution taking place simultaneously; and evolution of C & and a corresponding evolution of form. This is how, if the evolution takes place beyond 'buddhi', then it will evolve its own physical system(form) which we have called "Superman". So, there is a 'Superman Consciousness' and the 'Superman' himself.
(5) Now about the term 'future' : When we say 'future' we are referring to a certain projection into T which is yet to come. But, is there a change in the S parameter during this period?. Let me explain. In para (1) above there is a statement "I want to be in London on 31/12/2027 at 4 P.M." Here we are referring to a projection in time in the future. There is no projection for the Space parameter. London will not shift geographically during this period of 20 Years. But hold on.......
(6) Let us suppose there are two humans A & B located in New Delhi (Space Parameter) to-day and the above quotation refers to their statements. In 'A', let us assume that the 'Superman Consciousness' is working and evolving him into a 'Superman' and he will materialise his 'Superman Body' on that future date(31/12/2027). { For heaven's sake, don't think that you can become a Superman in 20 Years! This is only an example} And in 'B', there is the normal aging process as it happens for an ordinary human being. On 31/12/2027, we need to know the status of the S&T parameters of A&B.
(7) 'B' will have no problem, he can catch a flight and reach London and be present there at 4 P.M. on that day. Both his S&T parameters are fulfilled without ambiguity. What happens to 'B'?. During this 20 Years he has evolved into a Superman. He has undergone the following changes:
a) He has a physical body made of un-atomic substance, and consequently, his physical structure doe's not contain any part made up of atoms!
b) He has access to a consciousness higher than the buddhi.
C) Consequently, his perception has changed.
d) Just as an animal's perception is vastly different from that of a human, so also, a Superman's perception is different from that of a human. What is the perception of 'A' on London? Will there be more dimensions added in his perception.
e) How he will travel to London?. Will he dematerialise his body at New Delhi and materialise it at London?.
I will not venture to answer all these questions now. But be rest assured, Iam not off the mark in the above conclusions. (I will give you references for my conclusions later)
(8) But, what do we mean by 'un-atomic substance'? Sri Aurobindo calls it as a substance without 'division'. The present atomic substance makes it an 'existence by division'. The atoms are the final unit in this division. It is by agregating atoms>molecules>cells>organs> Human Body, that we exist physically. The future substance is indivisible and ONE. The Superman has the knowledge to individualise it into a physical body without the perception of division.
.....please await further writing on the subject....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I. What we mean by the word "SUPERMAN"

Dear Friends,

It will take a few paragraphs before I can make you understand the subject. So, be patient and you will be rewarded amply! Each paragraph will take you into the subject matter from a different angle and finally will converge into total understanding.

(1) This blog wants to help you along into your journey to your future. Yes, we really mean your 'future'. Let me explain. To-day (on 27th December, 2007) I am stationed in Varanasi, India. This is my space-time coordinate at the moment of writing this. So also, you have a space-time coordinate while reading this. O.K?
(2) Next, let me explain the terms 'Space' & 'Time' from the yogic point of view.(I am sure science will also explain the same way). This explanation is with reference to a human being on planet Earth.
(3) Is it possible to seperate the time sense from the space sense in us? Normally, the answer is NO. For example, we say that I am at a particular place at a particular time. This statement will make a full sense. Suppose you say "I was in London", then I can encounter you with the question "when?". To make a full sense we require both the components of time & space. This question is relevant in a subject-object environment. You as an "object" explain and somebody as a "subject" understnds it completely. In a relational world we require an expression of space-time parameters to make full sense of what we talk.
(4) Now, let us come to the "subjective" world. This subjective world is not relational, because you are alone encoutering yourself. Now, the question is "Which part of us is encountering which part? The answer is " Your 'consciousness' is perceiving the 'rest' of you". In the relational world, it is the same consciousness which was encountering the objective world. But, now, it is encountering/observing the 'rest' of you.
(5) Modern physics will tell us that there are three components in this relational world. They are (1) Consciousness, (2) Energy & (3) Substance/Matter. The human being is composed of all these three components.(Though 'consciousness' is not fully understood by Science, they agree that it is there and plays a major roll in our daily life) For short we may call Consciousness=C, Energy=E and Matter=M. Coming to our previous explanation, we may say the C is observing the entity E+M.
(6) At the human level, we have two levels of C. One is 'sense' C and the other is 'intelligence&reason'. As per Indian Vedic knowledge, sense C = 'manas' (Sanskrit term) & intelligence C = 'buddhi' (Sanskrit term). The dinstinction between human and animal is that humans have Buddhi as an independant faculty, whereas animals depend mainly on manas and in them the buddhi is involved in the manas. Through evolution, from animal to man, this buddhi has evolved out of the manas and has become an independant faculty in the humans. So to claim that you are an evolved human being, you should make certain that your buddhi is managing your life and your manas. In other words, in you, the senses are under the control of your buddhi.
(7) If you look at the evolution in our planet from mineral > plant > animal > Humans, we can observe that the major characteristic is the evolution of consciousness with substance/matter as the base. In the mineral, life and all the levels of consciousness are involved but they are not manifest, perhaps due to lack of instruments. First, 'life' emerges in dead matter. The form of the substance in which life evolves changes its substance structure to allow the flow of life through it. What we call 'Plants' come into existence. In the living substance of the plants, consciousness emerges. Most of the plants are 'sensible' to conduct their own life and exchange energies with Nature. In them the sense C is rudiment but manges their life. In further evolution, through the aniaml, this sense C becomes an independent faculty. The animal lives by 'instinct' which is the main manifestation of sense C in the animal. The 'intelligence is rudimentary in the animal and is involved in its manas.
(8) When evolution reaches the stage of the human being, the buddhi involved in the manas evolves into an independant faculty. So also, the form changes, from animal to human, which allows an independant action of the buddhi.
(9) Taking the evolution forward logically, 'is there any faculty involved in buddhi which awaits evolutionary manifestation?' The answer is a big "YES"
(10) We call this consciousness as "Superman Consciousness" and the being which will manifest it is called "Superman". (The real technical terms will be expalined later)
(11) Please remeber, we are talking about the further evolution of human being on planet Earth (us). This evolution will embrace all three components in the human being, the C, E & M. For the first time in the evolutionary history of Earth, the 'being' can collaborate in its own evolution! This is because the human is a self-cinscious being and he can collaborate in his evolution. How to do this, we will deal with later.
(12) Has Sri Aurobindo given any indication of this new type of being who will succeed the humans? The answer is YES. In fact the work was carried forward by The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. And she has given the following indications regarding the new being- 'The Superman'
a) The major difference is that in Superman, the animality can't exist. The reproductive & digestive systems are dropped in his being.
b) His body will have the same shape as of the humans
c) His working consciousness will belong to higher ranges above the Budhi
d) He will be drawing enregy(for sustenance) directly from higher ranges
e) The 'matter' with which he is made will not be the current 'atoms' (as we know it)
f) A new type of body 'cells' will evolve to make his body
g) He will come into existence by materialising a body ( and not through procreation by parents)
h) Also the process of 'How this evolution will take place' & also, "how an individual human can collaborate in his own evolution" is also indicated by The Mother.
(13) This is the direction of your 'future'. If you want Mother Nature to evolve you into this possibility, then wait for a million years. Or, if you want to participate, collaborate and accelerate it, then you can start the process in this life itself.
(14) You have established your coordinates for this purpose when you read this, now. Do you want to continue in the current space & time (Natural Evolution) OR enter the new time & space as relevant to Superman? For each human being this option is open.
(15) The mineral has no perception of Time&Space(T&S) because there is no degree of consciousness manifest in it. The plant has a category of perception as relevant to the C in it. The animal has a perception of T&S as per the manas. The humans have a perception of T&S as per buddhi. Hence, it is the degree (shall we say quality) of C which decides the quality of perception. The higher the qulity of C, the higher the quality of perception. Let us remember an example: > For the humans, the sense perception compels him to believe that the Sun is going around the Earth. But the Buddhi corrects it and tells that the Earth is going around the Sun. Now, hold on: the same phenomenon is viewed from a consciousness higher than Buddhi. And what do they say "Neither the Sun nor the Earth moves". Just as an animal perception will not accept the intelligent perception of the Buddhi in this matter, so also, our intellect may not accept this verdict of the higher C. (More details on this later)
(16) Belive me, if you can. The arrival of the Superman is certain and inevitable. The best thing you can do is to become that (Superman)
(17) This is the revelation of Sri Aurobindo and he has paved the way for this to take place for the humans.
Are you ready for this adventure of Consciousness?
Sincerely Yours,
.....await my next posting......