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How is time, space & evolution interconnected? This is something we should understand in the correct spiritual sense. Let us recall what we have already stated in earlier postings:-
1. It is "the emergence of consciousness" that is the significance of evolution on Earth.
2. The highest entity evolved is the 'human' & and the highest consciousness evolved & manifest in him is 'Buddhi'(Intelligence & Reason) .
3. Now the time has come to take the next step in evolution, to go beyond 'buddhi'.
4. Will Nature do this on her own or the human can collaborate?
5. Since the human has become self-conscious and aware of his environment, he can collaborate in his own evolution and accelerate it to a considerable extent. {This was not possible for the animal} At the stage of humanity, evolution becomes self-conscious.
6. The new type which will come into existence as a result of evolution beyond humanity is called 'Superman' by Sri Aurobindo.
7. The new consciousness which will evolve and manifest in the superman is a range of consciousness beyond 'buddhi'.
Having said that, let us proceed to consider finer points on 'Time, Space & Evolution'.
In a way, we can say that:-
Time = Consciousness
Space = Substance / Matter(where matter & energy are interchangeable)
Evolution = The process of unfoldment & manifestation of involved contents
Based on the above concepts, if we study the process of evolution from big-bang up to now, we may draw the following conclusions as per the logic of our buddhi:-
a. In Nature, the 'Atom' was formed to be the basic unit of matter/substance
b. Whatever entities which has further evolved in nature, has the 'atom' as its basic unit.
c. Hence, we can conclude that all that has evolved was already involved in the atom. Only whatever was involved can evolve. That is why in nature there is evolution and not miracles.
d. So, we have to restate that the atom contains energy & consciousness apart from the sub-atomic particles in its nucleus.
e. To place this sequentially, if we can observe deeper into matter, we may encounter:-
1. particles
2. Material Energy Field
3. Life Energy Field
4. Sense Consciousness (manas)
5. Buddhi (Intelligence&Reason)
Or, we may say, Buddhi is involved in Manas & Manas is involved in Life Energy which is involved in Material Energy where the particles are residing.
f. In the process of evolution, in the field of material energy and matter, 'life' evolves out of forms made of atomic matter, the inanimate becomes animate. The 'form' of the entity evolves from minerals & rocks to plant to facilitate the flow of 'life'.
g. As we have already stated, the next turn is for 'manas' to evolve out of 'living matter'. And, there is a corresponding change in the outer from to facilitate the manifestation of manas. We see the form of the animal coming into existence.
h. And then the 'buddhi' evolves out of 'manas' and the form of the 'human' come into existence.
i. Now, it is the turn of 'the range of consciousness' beyond buddhi to evolve out of buddhi.
There is range consciousness involved in buddhi waiting to evolve and manifest. The form which will evolve and manifest this range is called "Superman" and the consciousness that will emerge is called "Intuition".
At the stage of the human evolution, where 'buddhi' is his main faculty, there is a defenitive scale of awareness which has become operational. This awareness makes him aware of two components of his existence > Space & Time. He is aware that space is an infinite material extension and in this space, the unfolding events are measured in terms of 'time'. The buddhi can pinpoint an entity or an event with this two coordinates of T&S.
In my next posting we will consider the T&S aspects for the Superman

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