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Dear Friends,

( If you have read my previous posting "Evolution of Man to Superman", then you can follow this article, else you may find it difficult to follow.)

(1) In my previous posting I wrote about T&S coordinates. This coordinate will fix your physical position on planet Earth at a particular time. I also wrote about a 'future' T&S position into which you can 'evolve'. Ordinarily, until the time arrives in the future, you can't be present in the proposed physical position. Suppose to day you say " I want to be in London on 31/12/2027 at 4 P.M", it is only a proposal for the future which can't be materialised today. Let us move on to take a look at this problem from another angle. As I told you in my previous posting, each paragraph will enumerate different ideas and everything will converge towards the end

(2) In yoga, 'Space' means a 'material extension' (infinite) and we presume that there is no space in the universe without 'matter' (either in the form of atoms, sub-atomic particles or any fundamental entities which compose matter( 'anu' {a Sanskrit term}). Also, we assume that matter and energy are interchangeable. That is, M may exist in the form of E also. We may say that space contains both E & M parameters.

(3) Likewise, what do we mean by 'Time' in yoga? Time is the third parameter of space. After the creation of this material universe(Big-Bang?) and further down the line in evolution, this time parameter is involved in the evolving material forms. T is involved in the field of E&M. Also, we should remember that T can exist only in a relational world! If there is no 'subject - object' setup or an 'observer and the observed' set up, Time is not activated in Space. Also, until Consciousness emerges in the field of Space, in the forms of E&M, Time is unmanifest. "Time is the essence of Consciousness".
(4) Thus we see that, through an evolutionary process, as the consciousness evolves and manifests in T&S, it creates its own forms suitable for its interaction in this world. Or, we may say, that there is a double evolution taking place simultaneously; and evolution of C & and a corresponding evolution of form. This is how, if the evolution takes place beyond 'buddhi', then it will evolve its own physical system(form) which we have called "Superman". So, there is a 'Superman Consciousness' and the 'Superman' himself.
(5) Now about the term 'future' : When we say 'future' we are referring to a certain projection into T which is yet to come. But, is there a change in the S parameter during this period?. Let me explain. In para (1) above there is a statement "I want to be in London on 31/12/2027 at 4 P.M." Here we are referring to a projection in time in the future. There is no projection for the Space parameter. London will not shift geographically during this period of 20 Years. But hold on.......
(6) Let us suppose there are two humans A & B located in New Delhi (Space Parameter) to-day and the above quotation refers to their statements. In 'A', let us assume that the 'Superman Consciousness' is working and evolving him into a 'Superman' and he will materialise his 'Superman Body' on that future date(31/12/2027). { For heaven's sake, don't think that you can become a Superman in 20 Years! This is only an example} And in 'B', there is the normal aging process as it happens for an ordinary human being. On 31/12/2027, we need to know the status of the S&T parameters of A&B.
(7) 'B' will have no problem, he can catch a flight and reach London and be present there at 4 P.M. on that day. Both his S&T parameters are fulfilled without ambiguity. What happens to 'B'?. During this 20 Years he has evolved into a Superman. He has undergone the following changes:
a) He has a physical body made of un-atomic substance, and consequently, his physical structure doe's not contain any part made up of atoms!
b) He has access to a consciousness higher than the buddhi.
C) Consequently, his perception has changed.
d) Just as an animal's perception is vastly different from that of a human, so also, a Superman's perception is different from that of a human. What is the perception of 'A' on London? Will there be more dimensions added in his perception.
e) How he will travel to London?. Will he dematerialise his body at New Delhi and materialise it at London?.
I will not venture to answer all these questions now. But be rest assured, Iam not off the mark in the above conclusions. (I will give you references for my conclusions later)
(8) But, what do we mean by 'un-atomic substance'? Sri Aurobindo calls it as a substance without 'division'. The present atomic substance makes it an 'existence by division'. The atoms are the final unit in this division. It is by agregating atoms>molecules>cells>organs> Human Body, that we exist physically. The future substance is indivisible and ONE. The Superman has the knowledge to individualise it into a physical body without the perception of division.
.....please await further writing on the subject....


Rahul said...

Respected Sir,
It would be great if Stephen Hawking comments on this post. Anyway I have a doubt.

You have mentioned that Time is a third parameter of space and it has meaning only in Relational world. But this statement creates confusion for the Subjective world approach stated in 1st post where Me (consciousness) is observing rest of me. Here also, I am seeing subject /object relationship. Eg. "what we normally do in meditation". Is it mean that subjective world approach is Psedo relational approach?
or in other words Can I say there is no subjective world exists (everything is relational)?
Because I am aware of the Time there as well when I am observing rest of mine.

Best regards,

Narayanan said...

Dear Rahul,

You have raised very valid questions. Let me try to answer it.

As you have understood correctly, it is the 'consciousness'which is the observer in 'time'.Or rather, you use your consciousness to observe the 'rest of you'. In that sense, it (the process of observation)is a relational act, and this takes place in 'time' & 'space'.. Now let us analyse the previous sentence "you use your consciousness to observe the 'rest of you'..". There are three components in this process of observation. (1)'You',(2)'your consciousness and (3)'the rest of you'. Ordinarly, 'you' are not seperate from 'your consciouness'.'You' are the mental ego.Hence, the 'observer' and 'you' and 'the consciouness'are the same.But,in truth, 'consciousness' is part of Nature and an 'instrument'for awareness/observation(of self & nature). This instrument's real master is the 'Soul'(Psychic Being).

So, in 'time&space', in the relational world, the three components are: Psychic Being (observer)> Consciousness (the 'time'instrument for observation) > the objective world, which exists in space (the observed).This objective world includes 'the rest of you' also.The 'objective world' is the 'space parameter'.

At the time of 'death', the Psychic Being & the 'consciousness' depart from the 'rest of you'.This practically means that the 'space parameter' is disconnected because you no longer have a physical body and have lost the 'space related gateway'. You slip into an exclusive "time dimension" of your consciosness, which is mostly subjective because you have lost the connection to the objective physical world. Here, the consciouness will be having an experience of its own 'content'. And what is this content? It is the same content which you have been creating/experiencing when you were alive. That is why, if you create a tolerably 'good content'when you are alive, then you can live with that peacefully in the after-death state. If not, then it is "hell" for you. This is the 'subjective world' you enter into in both meditation as well as in the after-death state. In meditation you can recover your physical parameter(the physical body) at will. But in the after-death state, you can't. When you have experienced and exhausted all the 'contents', then the Psychic Being drops this 'consciousness sheath' and goes to it's own "Psychic World".

In the Psychic world, the Psychic Being assimilates all the experiences of its last life and 'evolves' to that extent. Again, it takes a new birth in the 'space&time' dimension, that is our Earth, and continues the evolution with new experiences in a new human body.

The question of 'time& space' has to be approached as field parameters for the game of life for the Psychic Being who is the real traveller through time&space!


Rahul said...

Respected Sir,
Many thanks for the reply. I can appreciate the matter better now. Sometimes when we are very much concentrated in our work, we really do not feel the time aspect (we can say observer and observed are same here). In some lecture when it was requested from Einstein to explain the Theory of Relativity for a common man then he represented so nicely which gives the glimpse of what we are discussing about Consciousness. He mentioned that a person sitting near by a hot pan in summer may find few minutes as several hours ,On the other hand when the same person was sat near by a beautiful women then he might have realized few hours as few seconds or nothing. I thinks this is very beautiful to say that Consciousness is a representation of time dimension.

Similarly in sleep (I treat this as temporary death). Sometimes we remember the dreams sometimes not.

Now it would be interesting to see what you want to say about the perception of A.
Best regards,