Tuesday, January 8, 2008


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We have reached a stage in our postings, where we have to take a hard look at the "Superman" who is slated to succeed the human being as the leader of evolution on planet Earth. Since we have concluded that Superman will evolve out of the current human race, we have to see what components in the humanity qualifies to be fine-tuned and carried forward to the Superman. As per the prototype of the Superman, as revealed by "The Mother" of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, these components are only "the Brain & the Nervous System". We can understand this better by discussing the process of this collaborative evolution. (Please refer to my posting No.1 {para 12} below).
However, the human has to come to terms with a new entity within him which has not yet surfaced in the ordinary course of his evolution. This entity is loosely called the 'soul', but for our practical purpose we call it the "Psychic Being" (being the source all consciousness & psychology of man). Man is a 'mental being' and that is what distinguishes him from the animal. So also, Superman will be a 'Psychic Being' and that is what will distinguish him from the human being. Hence, the emergence of the Psychic Being in the human system is the first condition for this upward evolution from man to superman.
What is this "Psychic Being"?. This is the question we have to tackle now. In this world, there are certain entities who can never be destroyed; neither do they 'die' nor are they 'created'! So, where are they existing? The answer lies in another question > "Have you ever experienced the 'infinity of Space' & 'the eternity of Time'?" . The human mind, the buddhi, can intellectually accept the concept of infinity&eternity. But it has no real time experience of it. Right? Well, the Psychic Beings are existing in that dimension, but right inside us, the humans. If you want to experience infinity&eternity, then you should bring forward the Psychic Being which should become your 'central being' in place of the 'mental ego'. The mental being is only a coordinator of your activities in mental nature. But the Psychic Being is the Boss, it possesses the 'whole of you'.
In fact, you are the Psychic Being. You have to evolve from the status of a mental being to the status of a psychic being! ( If you can make any animal understand, tell them "You are a mental being and you can evolve from the status of a sense being to the status of a mental being(buddhi). The buddhi is involved in your 'manas'. Bring it forward and manifest it and become a human being")
We know that space is infinite but we are unable to experience it. Is there an 'infinite space' and a 'finite space'? Is there an 'eternal time' and a 'temporal time'? The answer is YES. In the experience of the temporal time, there is a past, present & future. But in the experience of the eternal time, there is only the 'moment'. The buddhi can tackle the experience of the temporal time, while the 'intuition' can tackle the experience of the eternal time. We may say that 'truths' are lined up in eternity and 'intuitions' bring it forward into temporal time and manifest it through 'buddhi'. Using computer terminology, we may say that all 'truths' are stored in a hard disk in eternity in a 'Server'. Intuition is the 'system software' which access these truths and bring it into the 'user software buddhi'. The human brain is the hardware of the front end terminal in material time where it gets converted to real time usage. This is what has happened in Einstein's brain when he declared his famous formula! These types of 'truth manifestations', we usually call 'genius'. But genius can be a full time faculty. It will be so for the superman.
Shall we peep into this hard disk in eternity? Let me present the salient features:-
1. 'Intuition' is a system software with network capabilities;
2. Psychic Beings are the users of the front end hard ware, the brain;
3. Buddhi is the front end 'user cum system software'
4. Intuition connects all the psychic beings who exist in material time(our experience of time)
5. Each psychic being has a 'uniqueness' which distinguishes it from other psychic beings (its
IP address)
6. Intuition delivers truths 'packet by packet' to the buddhi according to its real time
requirements( the requirement of the 'moment') to each IP address
7. Thus, the Psychic Beings will deal with their environment and other psychic beings with
'harmony' because every truth is coming from the same source and there is no clash of
interest or competition.
8. The hard disk contains 'truths', well designed and fool proof, to guide the psychic beings to
manifest their uniqueness in our T&S.
9. The truths are existing as 'Real Ideas' in the HD.
10. The Psychic Beings will 'materialise' it in our space.
11. Humans materialise mental ideas and Supermen materialise intuitions.
12. We can expect that, in all fields of their activity, the Supermen can beat the humans.
13. And, thus they will be the leaders of evolution in our planet!
14. Yes, it is an evolving 'knowledge world'.
Do you want to take this 'quantum jump'?


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